Velasquez stunned by Ben Rothwell’s PED implications: ’I’m kind of flattered’

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Cain & DC

UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell accused the heavyweight champ who is to fight Fabricio Werdum this weekend for steroid abuse. However, many believe that Rothwell is just trying to draw media attention after his big victory over Mattt Mitrione in New Orleans. First he acted as a villain but now he started to attack other fighters in media. One should not forget that Rothwell used to take steroid therapies as well.

The Mexican fighter heard the accusations and responded very fast.

"That I am? That's a big compliment for me, because I'm never known for physique. For someone to point that out, I'm kind of flattered," said Velasquez and added:

"Did you watch his after-fight speech?" Velasquez said with a laugh. "Maybe it's coming from that, I don't know."

The champ then got serious.

"Yeah, definitely it is," Velasquez said. "Not being a guy who's known for his physique, known for not being on anything. I've been tested before numerous times, before and after all my fights the day of. Again, watch his after-fight speech and you can find out where he's coming from."

"I think we all need to be on the same playing field. So for them to finally be really strict on this is great for the sport. I know what I'm doing as far as what I'm doing to help me in fighting and I want my opponent to be on the same level", added Cain.

When asked if he would take the tests at the spot, the heavyweight champ concluded:

"Doesn't matter to me," Velasquez said with a laugh. "You want to test me right now?"