Wanderlei Silva and Dan Henderson want trilogy!

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Wanderlei Silva

Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva are some of the biggest PRIDE stars. During their career they fought twice under the banner of this promotion and each scored a victory. It seems they both want the trilogy that would show which one is better.

Wanderlei Silva and Dan Henderson fought for the first time 14 years ago when the Brazilian fighter won. In 2007 Henderson scored the victory. At the moment they are both UFC members and they would have nothing against another match.

"It's not news that I want to face Vitor Belfort or Chael Sonnen," Silva said. "But Dan Henderson is another guy that I want to fight, it's a viable possibility. We're 1-1 tied and it would be nice to have a tiebreaker of our score. In my last fight at PRIDE, I lost my belt to him and I couldn't have a rematch because we left. If this fight happens, I'll ask him to bring the belt so the winner can have it after the fight."

"The UFC are promoting a lot of cards and there are a lot of fights that people even don't know that will happen," Silva said. "But Wanderlei Silva vs. Dan Henderson would sell very well. A bout between champions has to be considered a big show", said Silva.

Dan Handerson said he would have nothing against another match.