Wanderlei Silva calls out-of-competition drug testing ‘against the constitution’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 13.04.2015 13:40h Author:

Wanderlei Silva

UFC member who is till bound by the UFC contract and who is currently suspended, Wanderlei Silva, still did not accept the fact that he was banned from the sport by the Nevada Athletic Commission after running away from an out-of-competition drug test in 2014. The Brazilian fighter is now mad both at UFC and NSAC. This time he called out-of-competition drug testing ‘against the constitution’.

After a couple of doping scandals, the UFC decided to put an end to the abuse of illegal substances and to launch random out-of –competition drug tests.

"If I’m going to fight you today, I have to be clean today," Silva said to MMAFighting. "There are anti-inflammatories and painkillers that are considered doping, but are not. I’m against steroids. Steroids are bad. But the fighter has a right to do anything he wants out of competition. That’s his right. You can’t get into his life and take his blood to see what he’s doing. I’m against all types of drugs and steroids, but the athlete has the right to have a private life. He has to be clean on the day of the competition. Out of competition, that’s his life.“

„That’s one of the reasons why I’m fighting for change at this moment. The commission does its own laws. They catch a guy in a drug test and let him fight, but ban others. What the f–k? Why is the law different from fighter to fighter? I don’t owe this commission anything. I was always clean. It’s a bunch of bulls–t.“