Werdum: ’I wanted an extra million dollars to fight Emelianenko’

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Werdum & Fedor

When he KO'ed Mark Hunt who was believed to be impossible to knock out he became the interim champ. He shocked the world since no one believed he stood any chance against K-1 WGP champion in stand-up. However, Fabricio is now a complete fighter. After the he surprised the world by defeating “Super Samoan” now he plans to shock Cain Velasquez and become the real champion!

"I expect a different win. I want to surprise the entire world one more time, especially the doubters. It won’t be easy, though," said Werdum, who sees Velasquez "100 percent physically, but not 100 percent mentally" ahead of UFC 188.

"In a perfect world, I see him trying to take me down. I land a front kick to the body or his face, or I submit him quickly after he takes me down," he added. "In a more realistic scenario, I see him gassing after three or four rounds. People will be surprised. They are used to watching Velasquez with that non-stop rhythm, but he’s not used with high-altitude and hasn’t fought in two years. We’ll see," concluded Werdum.

When asked about his Strikeforce period when he became the first man to defeat Fedor Emelianenko, the Brazilian fighter remembered a couple of details…

"I thought about stopped fighting a few times, after some losses and contract disputes when I moved to the United States. It’s a tough life," he said. "I considered accepting Fedor Emelianenko’s offer and rematch him in Russia. I wanted an extra million dollars to do it, but they declined. My idea was to fight him again and then retire."

"I don’t think about leaving the sport anymore, but I do think about retiring," he said. "I’m 37 now. I think about offering a rematch to Cain Velasquez after I beat him, and then retire."