Werdum: ‘My focus is on Volkov, but my big goal is (to get) the belt again’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 15.03.2018 16:10h Author:

Fabricio Werdum (Photo: Facebook)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum is to fight dangerous contender in the UFC Fight Night 127 main event Saturday night.

His opponent will be former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov.

“I liked when I saw on social media that guys were happy,” Werdum said. “I lived in Europe for 10 years. I taught a lot of seminars in different countries, and I was very happy and excited when I saw guys (had) sent me a message (saying) ‘Werdum, we are very happy for you because you’re fighting here in the main event.’”

“I know he’s a very nice guy,” he said. “I’ve had good training with him. I’ve helped him, and he’s helped me, but I never comment about the training. You never say bad things about your friends, and this is the same thing.

“I know it’s a tough fight, but it’s a very important fight for me, for the next step. My focus is on Volkov, but my big goal is (to get) the belt again.”

“It’s a good vibe, man. There’s no problem (between us),” he said. “I don’t want to promote the fight and say bad things and trash talk about him.

“Everybody wants to see the fight – the arena is sold out, I know. Why say bad things about this guy? The guys want to see the fight, so inside the octagon is where everything will happen.”

“I have a good strategy,” he said. “Rafael (Cordeiro) and (Renato) ‘Babalu’ (Sobral), my team, my brothers, have made a good strategy for this fight,” Werdum said. “I’m feeling a good submission, maybe. I want to submit him, but I can fight standup, too. I’m excited to fight, but never scared. I want (to put on) a good fight (and) a good show for the fans.”

“The victory is very important,” he said. “Knockout, submission or decision, the most important is the victory, because you’re one step in front. If you lose, it’s like you’re three steps down.”