Werdum wants to participate in pro wrestling and UFC at same time

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Fabricio Werdum returns to the Octagon on March 17, headlining UFC London against Alexander Volkov. However, “Vai Cavalo” told MMA Fighting that he’s trying to negotiate a deal with a pro wrestling company as well.

”I think that both (at the same time) is doable,” Werdum told MMA Fighting. “You can do (pro wrestling). … If I had the opportunity I’d fight there, no problem. It’s financially great. Fight at (pro wrestling), a spectacle that is fun to do. I’d definitely do it. I have a meeting Thursday about it, doing both (UFC and pro wrestling). I want to fight, doesn’t matter where.”

“It’s cool, a unique opportunity to do a few fights there as well,” Werdum said. “People think it’s easy, but it’s not. You have to be well trained to do those jumps, you have to be agile. It’s not easy as some people might think. It’s quite complicated. You have to be well trained and practice a lot to captivate the audience.”

”I’m fluent in Spanish, so I can do a character that speaks Spanish,” Werdum said. “That would be cool. I’d really like to have this opportunity to do this and captivate the Latin audience because they really love (pro wrestling). I’d be thrilled to do a fight there, or more, or a contract, because there’s no problem with the UFC since it’s not a real fight, it’s more of a show.”