What motivates Francis Ngannou?

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 21.11.2017 10:59h Author:

Francis Ngannou (Photo: Facebook)

Francis Ngannou’s biggest fight is just around the corner as he is set to take on Alistair Overeem on December 2 at UFC 218 in Detriot. This will be his first appearance in the co-main event.

“I think the main thing is motivation,” Ngannou said Monday following an open workout at the UFC Performance Institute. “My strength, my power, it’s all about my mind. When I look back where I’m from, look at my family, it’s kind of scary. I want to change things back. I don’t want my kids or my son to live the same thing I lived in my life. That is motivation.”

“When I look at my family, when I look at my mom, I hope I will be able to help her,” Ngannou said. “I hope she will be proud of me. She gave all of what she had for us. That’s my motivation.”

“We aren’t working on anything, because I’m an opportunity fighter,” Ngannou said. “I’m not just a striker. I’m not a wrestler or grappler. I’m a fighter, an opportunity fighter. I like to finish my fight and be able to shape my skills and take every opportunity I get in the

“Stipe took the belt from Werdum, and that was not a long time ago,” Ngannou said. “Yes, Werdum deserves, but right now I deserve it more. I win this fight, I will be the legit challenger.”

“If I beat the No. 1, there’s no way to avoid it.”