White couldn’t be happier: Rousey vs. Carmouche lives up to expectations

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 24.02.2013 16:36h Author:

Dana White

The main event at UFC 157 with Ronda Rousey defending her bantamweight title against Liz Carmouche lived up to everyone's expectations, including the most demanding MMA fans. While Ronda ended the fight already in the first round with a perfectly executed armbar, there was something to be seen in the female bout.

Afterwards, Carmouche had Ronda's teeth marks on her arm as Rousey's mouthpiece fell out as she was caught in a neck crank and her upper teeth came into Liz's forearm. "Although I trained defending from armbar, I couldn't resist Ronda's attack. She's really a great fighter," Carmouche said, smiling after the fight.

Dana White also shared his delight with the main event. "When someone throws you on your back, like Liz did to Ronda, you know it isn't gonna be fun getting hit in the face. The fight was phenomenal!" White said.

In the end, Dana referred to malicious comments that could be read before UFC 157 and its main event starring female fighters. "Liz Carmouche proved that he belongs here, she was so close to winning this fight," Dana acknowledged Liz Carmouche, who was claimed by many before the fight to be nothing more than fresh meat thrown at Ronda Rousey to play with.