White: No way Sonnen fights ever again!

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 16.06.2014 16:13h Author:

Dana White

After being positive to TRT Chael Sonnen decided to retire and for that occasion he gave an official statement. However, in certain media and MMA circles there are still speculations Sonnen might return to the octagon.

During the UFC 174 Sonnen was one of the main topics in numerous discussions. Even the UFC President Dana White talked about the possibility of his return.

”If Chael came to me and said he wants to fight again I would simply ask him: 'Why, man?'“, said White.

"It makes no sense he fights again. He went his way. He said that he chose his health. I don't see his return as an option. His sole purpose could be Wanderlei, but he will also be gone for a longer period of time“, said White who said earlier he believed that the Nevada Athletic Commission would suspend Wandrelei who escaped the unannounced doping control.