WSOF’s Ray Sefo Leaves Door Open For Reebok-Like Sponsorship Deal

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 18.05.2015 16:47h Author:

Photo by Fight Site

Instead of sports, the media was recently writing mostly about the political and financial issues when it comes to the world's elite MMA promotion. It is of no surprise since the controversial contract with Reebok is soon to come into force and the fighters will not be allowed to wear logos of their own sponsors. Instead, they will get a percentage from the Reebok contract. As expected, most of the fighters were not happy with the deal since it means they will earn less now.

Bellator readily seized the opportunity and their president Scott Coker claims his phone constantly rings and that the UFC fighters are calling him ready to change the camp. However, Ray Sefo, WSOF's President did not employ the same tactics since it could be possible that his promotion implements the same business model when it comes to sponsors.

“I wouldn’t say no, but it’s something where I’d have to sit down with my team and talk about it and discuss. Does it benefit the fighters? Does it benefit the company? So all these things have got to be taken into account and we’ll see. But it’s not a closed off matter or a ‘no’ to that.”

“Personally, if I had to answer that for myself, yeah one hundred precent I would. Because I want my guys, my team, my fighters to be happy with whatever they’re…or to be paid what they deserve. So in saying that, me personally yes, I would change it. But again, when it comes to such a big corporate decision like that, it would have to be a team decision, and again like I said earlier, I can only speak for what I can do and for what I know, but I can’t really speak too much about the other situation because I don’t know what the structure is at the UFC and how that’s all done. But yeah it’s something that obviously I want to see the fighters get paid what they deserve. So bottom line,” concluded Sefo.