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Users are required to regularly read the terms of use and it is assumed that the visitors of the Fightsite.hr portal or any portion thereof are familiar with the current terms at all times and that they understand them completely.

No part of Fightsite.hr should be used for illegal purposes or their promotion.

Fightsite.hr PORTAL

Fightsite.hr provides its visitors the use its content in good faith. All visitors have the right to use the content of Fightsite.hr as long as they do not violate the terms of service.
Fightsite.hr portal consists of its own content, content partners and advertisers, free content, and content created by visitors as well as links to external sites.
Fightsite.hr publishes its content with good intent. Use Fightsite.hr’s content at your own risk. Fightsite.hr cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of its content.
Access to Fightsite.hr website and all its contents is allowed to persons of any age, unless stated otherwise. Identification of 18+ on some contents indicates that the use of content is permitted only to persons older than 18 years.

Fightsite.hr holds copyright on all its material (textual, visual and audio material, databases and programming code). Unauthorized use of any portion of the portal is considered a violation of copyright of Fightsite.hr portals and is subject to prosecution.

Unauthorized use of any part of Fightsite.hr without the permission of the copyright owner (Fightsite.hr, partners, users …) is considered copyright infringement and is liable to legal action.

If you believe that Fightsite.hr violated your copyright, the case will be looked into immediately and the problematic content will be removed after the appeal is established as true.


Fightsite.hr contains links to sites outside its own portal. Fightsite.hr published these links with good intent and cannot be held responsible for the content outside the portal.


Fightsite.hr protects users’ privacy to the extent possible.

Fightsite.hr is deemed to use the information obtained from the user during the use of the portal in good faith, so that private information will not be distributed or sold to third parties, except with the permission of the user.

Fightsite.hr may in accordance with the law, gather certain data about its users received while using the portal (exclusively data about the computer and the internet provider) or data entered in the registration process. Fightsite.hr uses these data to gather information on its users, and in this way, improve the portal and its contents additionally intended and adapted to the visitors. Based on these data, we find which contents are the most popular among which audience. The collection of data of this type in this or large scale is also used by world-famous web sites like MSN, Google, etc.
Fightsite.hr commits not to sell or distribute private information such as e-mail addresses, names and surnames without the permission of each individual, except the demographic data for the user group without revealing private information.
Fightsite.hr is committed to protect the privacy of its users, except in the case of serious violations of Fightsite.hr or illegal activities.


By registering on Fightsite.hr the user is obliged to go through the registration process, enter true information and choose a login and password.

Fightsite.hr is not in any way responsible for the content published by visitors.

For all the published contents under individual login, the only responsible party is its user.

Fightsite.hr is bound to remove the content of users who are not in compliance with the laws in force within a reasonable time and upon the establishment of the legitimacy.

Registered users are obliged to behave in accordance with specific rules for certain parts of the portal.

Fightsite.hr reserves the rule to ban a particular user if it is determined that the user has violated the rules.

The user is required to immediately report to Fightsite.hr portal the unauthorized use of his account.

Fightsite.hr cannot be held liable for unauthorized use of the account, nor any damage caused in this way.


By using the communication services you agree to send and receive materials that are legal and appropriate to individual service.

You agree not to:
– Use communication services for pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk mail, spam or any other form of multiple submissions of the commercial or other content
– To harass, threaten, insult, threaten, or deceive in any way violate the rights of other users
– Publish and distribute profane, vulgar, indecent or illegal content
– Upload or distribute copyrighted content
– Upload files containing viruses, worms, Trojans or any kind of harmful software
– False representation for the purpose of fraud or deception of another user
– To suggest in any way that you have an official relationship with Fightsite.hr portal
– Violate any applicable law

Fightsite.hr has no obligation to monitor the communication services, but reserves the right in case of justified application without notice to remove any material that is not in accordance with the rules.

Communication services are offered free of charge to users in good faith, and Fightsite.hr cannot be held liable for any damages arising from its use.


Fightsite.hr can periodically send notification about Fightsite.hr portals and sponsors to its registered users.


Fightsite.hr reserves the right to change or modify these rules without prior notice. Fightsite.hr can notify its users on rule modifications and changes by e-mail or posting on the website. If you use any content on Fightsite.hr website it is considered that you are aware of these rules.