Almost 90% of the Fight Site readers planning to watch the potential UFC event in Zagreb live!

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Dana White & Orsat Zovko (Photo by Fight Site)

Almost 50 % of Fight Site readers who voted in our latest poll said they would buy the ticket for the UFC event without thinking in case the world's largest MMA promotion really decides to organize an event in Croatia.

The poll question was "Would you come to the UFC event in Croatia?" while the most popular answer “Absolutely, I would not miss it in a world” would probably please the UFC management. The second most common answer chosen by 20% of the Fight Site visitors was "Only if the ticket price was affordable". This choice is not surprising, having in mind the difficult economic and financial situation in the country and the region. Ticket prices will largely determine the success of the potential event in Croatia and the UFC management would have to consider whether they want to sell the seats or score profit. In case of the high price of the tickets, they could probably lose both and selling the venue out is perhaps more important in this moment than earning a couple of thousands extra.

Neither does the third most popular answer with 19 % voters exclude that the fans would go to the UFC event in Croatia. Almost a fifth of the voters chose the “Depending on who is to fight at the event” answer. Of course, popular Croatian fighters as well as fighters from the region would definitely attract a lot of spectators, while a name from the legendary Pride, still very popular in Europe, would surely spark more interest. Minotauro Nogueira, Alistair Overeem, Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort and other veterans are still surely more popular than the new upcoming fighters still unknown to the Croatian combat sports fans.
The last two "negative" answers got only 12% of the votes. “No, but I would watch it on TV” got 8% of the votes, while only 4% of the voters chose the „No, I'm not interested in this event” answer. It should again be emphasized that this is a very optimistic and good result for the UFC Europe management that is responsible the promotion of this organization in the Old Continent.

It is also important to mention that almost 1300 voters participated in this poll which is a representative number, especially because the poll was targeted to the combat sports fans whom the UFC addresses. If the UFC really decides to come to Croatia, one can definitely count on the UFC fans from the region as well as from the whole Europe. Judging by the event in Ireland that took place a couple of weeks ago, the American promotion will definitely include all the biggest local, regional and European starts in the event. Stipe Miočić and Igor Pokrajac are definitely “a must“.

Whether the UFC is actually to arrive next year in the Croatian capital that already spoiled the combat sports fans with spectacular fighting events will be known in a couple of months when the UFC management starts to announce the names of the cities that will host the new „European circle“. After K-1 WGO Finals, Glory 14 and a couple of FFC events, combat sports fans would definitely like Zagreb to become the host of the biggest combat sports show on the planet. If that really happens, every real combat sports fan simply must not miss the opportunity to see such an event live. Of course, the first such an event would be crucial for the UFC to come back to Croatia and to show the Croatian spectators the biggest MMA stars in their hometown.


Marko Petrak