JDS vs. Rothwell? No excuses! UFC Fight Night Zagreb is a MUST!

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This Monday UFC confirmed the information that has been cropping up for several days on the MMA scene – Junior dos Santos and Ben Rotwhell will be the main event of the UFC Fight Night in Zagreb on April 10!

It is great news for all MMA fans in Croatia and in the region, but also for all European MMA fans. The UFC leaders could hardly come up with a better main event without Stipe Miočić. When one also adds the most interesting matches of the local fighters that have already been revealed, Igor Pokrajac, Filip Pejić, Bojan Mihajlović, Bojan Veličković and Damir Hadžović, as well as very favorable ticket prices, one has to conclude that the UFC leaders did excellent preparations for the upcoming UFC event in Zagreb. Fighting sports fans now definitely have no excuse not to come to the Zagreb Arena in April.

Why is the match between JDS and Rothwell an excellent choice for UFC FN in Zagreb?

The reason is very clear – European and fighting sports audience from the Balkans loves heavyweights. This is nothing special in comparison to the rest of the world that always had a thing for heavy divisions. However, when it comes to MMA, European fans grew up with Pride, Cro Cop, Minotauro and Fedor. UFC Fight Night Zagreb fight card already features three heavyweight bouts which is significant and rare, but it should not be forgotten that Gabriel Gonzaga already fought in Zagreb and that he is well known in Croatia for more than one reason.

Dos Santos was also selected for a reason. In addition to being a former UFC champion, this MMA superstar already fought with Cro Cop and Miočić. He defeated both of them and this earned him respect among the Croatian MMA fans. His match against Rothwell is also significant since it might change the situation at the top of the division where Stipe Miočić is positioned as well. This is an extra factor that puts additional weight on this match when it comes to the audience from this part of Europe.

Fighters from the region

As it usually happens when the UFC comes to a new market, they sign contracts with fighters from this region. For now we know that UFC signed a deal again with Igor Pokrajac and they also brought in a Croatian rising star Filip Pejić. UFC also signed contracts with two Serbian fighters, Bojan Veličković and Bojan Mihajlović. When one adds Poland’s Marcin Tybura’s debut and other European fighters, the fight card for this upcoming Fight Night is more than very satisfactory.

Favorable ticket prices

What many feared the most when the UFC announced its Fight Night in Croatia a couple of weeks ago were the ticket prices since many thought they might be unaffordable for this part of Europe. However, if we know that the average ticket price in the US amounts to $250, the cheapest tickets in Sweden, Germany and the UK cost 100 Euro and if we remember the ticket prices in Krakow, Croatian MMA fans definitely have a reason to fear. However, it seems that the UFC analyzed well the economic situation in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Hungary. The cheapest tickets will cost 95 HRK which is more than a favorable price. The tickets by the ringside will cost 800 HRK which is also much cheaper than the average ticket price in the US.

Zagreb as Europe’s fighting sports capital

After the analysis of the preparations for the UFC in Zagreb, one can only point out that the UFC leaders did more than well. If you are a fighting sports fan or sports fan in general, you have absolutely no excuse not to show up April 10 at the Zagreb Arena. We often complain that Zagreb does not have enough events and concerts but when it comes to fighting sports, we can say we are privileged. Among all the world’s capitals, Tokyo is the only capital that hosted K-1, WPG, Glory and UFC. And now Zagreb will have the honor to hold the same title. Having in mind everything mentioned, the tickets could be sold out soon because we are only one step away from this upcoming fighting sports spectacle.