Paul Daley claims that Lorenz Larkin is below the level of fighter that he’s used to fighting

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Bellator 183

On September 23 Paul Daley i to step into the Bellator cage again after his loss to Rory MacDonald. Hi new opponent will be Lorenz Larkin.

“I bought into what he was saying a little bit, but with my experience I should have known,” Daley told MMAjunkie. “When I get ready for a fight I try to look at their strengths – and I should have known – but I really thought Rory was going to stand. I just took him a little too lightly. I don’t take too much away from the fight. I wasn’t too disheartened. … I underperformed against a world-class fighter.”


“Obviously I’ve seen him compete in other promotions, but he wasn’t really a guy I ever thought I would fight until he signed with Bellator,” Daley said. “I wasn’t too interested in him. I know there was a whole big thing about who was going to sign him when he became a free agent, but I really didn’t give a (expletive). He’s not that interesting of a fighter to me. I’m not really phased by the name or the fact he’s beaten this guy or held a ranking. He’s below the level of fighter that I’m used to fighting.”

“He’s a stand-up guy, and I really hope it stays standing up,” Daley said. “I legitimately think anyone who generally stays on the feet with me will lose the fight. They will lose by KO. The one person that’s beat me on the feet was Nick Diaz. The only person who has legitimately beat me standing up, didn’t go for a takedown or didn’t do anything other than want to trade with me, is Nick Diaz. No one else has beat me standing on the feet. The same will go with Lorenz Larkin. If he stays standing on the feet with me, he will lose. He will lose for sure.”


“It’s going to be a bad night for Lorenz, trust me on that,” Daley said. “I don’t give a (expletive) if he’s fought at middleweight or whatever weight. I’ve knocked bigger guys out my whole career, and he’s just going to be another one of those if he chooses to keep it standing. … Either way the end will come. He’s not the toughest guy that I’ve fought. His wrestling isn’t saying too much. His ground game I’m not giving him in the fight. Aand his stand-up, I’m not too intimidated by it. I just hope he fights the way he’s fought in his career, and we’ll see what goes down.”