FFC 39: Weigh In Results

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Jordan Powell vs. Jamelle Jones

The heavyweight main event is set and ready to rock the Fight Dome in Las Vegas, with FFC 39 bringing six fights across mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing.

Having both previous competed at light heavyweight, Jamelle Jones hit the scale looking fully accustomed at the bigger weight class, hitting his mark at 239lbs. Jordan Powell will hope to make his mark on the FFC heavyweight division, tipping the scale significantly lighter at 225.2lbs.

The co-main event was in jeopardy, with Angel De Anda weighing in at 190lbs, four pounds over the middleweight limit. Vegas-based BrazilianGabriel Checco clocked in under the limit at 185.6lbs, still accepting the fight with De Anda forfeiting 20% of his purse to his opponent.

Kickboxing returns to the Fight Dome, with knockout artist Alan Scheinson making weight at 170.4lbs, with his Brazilian counterpart Wallace Lopes making the South American rivalry official at 170.6lbs.

Featherweight mixed martial artists Lou Radecki and Justin Vazquez had no issue at the weigh ins, hitting 145.8lbs and 145lbs respectively.

Local boxing prospect Daquan Mays made his long awaited FFC debut official, making his mark at 135.6lbs. He faces mixed martial artist and boxer Jose Ceja, who weighed in slightly lighter at 134.4lbs.

MMA kicks off the evening in the bantamweight division, with local jiu-jitsu specialist Jerry Shapiro looking to make an impact and hitting his mark at 135.2lbs. Josh Wright will look to upset the strong following of his hometown opponent, and he made the bout official at 135.4lbs.

FFC 39 Weigh In Results
Heavyweight MMA: Jamelle Jones (239lbs) vs. Jordan Powell (225.2lbs)
Middleweight MMA: Gabriel Checco (185.6lbs) vs. Angel De Anda (190lbs)*
Welterweight Kickboxing: Alan Scheinson (170.4lbs) vs. Wallace Lopes (170.6lbs)
Featherweight MMA: Lou Radecki (145.8lbs) vs. Justin Vazquez (145lbs)
Lightweight Boxing: Daquan Mays (135.6lbs) vs. Jose Ceja (134.4lbs)
Bantamweight MMA: Jerry Shapiro (135.2lbs) vs. Josh Wright (135.4lbs)

*Angel De Anda missed weight and forfeits 20% of his purse to Gabriel Checco.

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