Cro Cop: ‘ I cannot retire without getting even with Roy Nelson’

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Photo by Fight Channel

This Monday Mirko Filipović is travelling to London where he is to fight Roy Nelson at Bellator 200 on Friday. Cro Cop and Nelson will serve as the headliner of the upcoming event and this will be their rematch after UFC 137 when Nelson defeated the Croatian legend.

“I’m really excited because I cannot retire without getting even with Roy Nelson. I’ll do my best to win. I’m a better fighter than him in every aspect of the fight. Of course, this is not a guarantee of victory. This is MMA. Roy Nelson has powerful punches and the toughest chin. No one can take as many punches as he can. It is, in fact, his biggest quality,” said the legendary Croatian fighter in an interview with Sportske novosti and added:

“Of course it does not mean that he cannot be defeated or stopped. He was knocked out twice. By Mark Hunt and Andrei Arlovski. However, when you think how many punches he received and remained on his feet… All other great fighters defeated him via decision. Miočić, dos Santosm Cormier… As I said, this is going to be a big challenge.

However, this match will be somewhat different than their first encounter. Mirko does not have to travel all the way to Las Vegas, Nelson is flying to Europe. Moreover, Cro Cop will enter the cage with eight straight wins under his belt while Nelson lost in his last six bouts. But it does not guarantee anything and Cro Cop is very cautious.

“I’m certainly more disciplined than 99% of the fighters when it comes to my lifestyle. Say, Roy certainly does not care too much about some things like nutrition. And it sooner or later you pay for stuff like that. But he is definitely dangerous. He moves forward, he has excellent ground game and, despite the fact that he seems clumsy and fat, he is a real BJJ master. He loves take downs and I have to defend myself from it. My conditioning is good, I can feel it. Unlike in our previous match, I have no injuries this time,” said Mirko before heading to England.