Mitrione on his upcoming rematch with Nelson: ‘I have zero revenge factor going on’

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Bellator 194

Bellator heavyweight and former UFC fighter Matt Mitrione fought Roy Nelson six years ago in the UFC octagon. It was Mistrione’s first stoppage loss. Now they will meet again at Bellator 194.


“I have zero revenge factor going on,” Mitrione told MMAjunkie Radio about the Paramount-televised rematch, which headlines Bellator 194. “Good job. Roy’s the first guy to legitimately beat me. I can’t get upset about that.

“I’m a completely different fighter. I’ve been as active as I can be, and I’ve had no injuries. It’s just the fact that my ego wants to prove that I’m better than Roy, wants to prove that I’m the best heavyweight in the Bellator division, and one of the best in the world. I’m ready for that.”


“I prefer to stay busy,” he said. “I don’t really like down time very much, so I’m not really happy a bout it. But I have to worry about my opponent up front, and then I can worry about the second (round).”


“I think I should be the favorite – I think I’ve earned that,” he said. “It’s up to somebody else to show me why I’m not. I feel great about it. I feel like I’m the most dangerous heavyweight in Bellator, that’s for damn sure.

“We’re going to see if I’m the most dangerous person in Bellator – or not.”