Ahmed Vila: I knew I could win the belt, otherwise I wouldn’t accept the fight

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Ahmed Vila

Ahmed Vila is the new UFC lightweight champion! Moreover, he stepped up only a couple of days before the event. Right after the match he shared his impressions regarding the match of his career.

This 19-year-old from Sarajevo was actually preparing for a fight in Linz on Saturday when the news came that the FFC champion Viktor Halmi lost his opponent. The FFC promotion had to act very quickly and profited from the fact that Vila was in training so they took him in right away. However, not many people believed that the young fighter from Sarajevo could provide real resistance to Halmi. But Ahmed proved them wrong.

“I would like to thank all my friends and my gym. I was ready for this fight because I trained in Stockholm with UFC fighters. I had no problems handling them and it filled me with confidence. I believed that I could take this belt, otherwise I would not accept the fight. I knew I was an outsider, but I applied everything my coach Zrno taught me and it turned out to be enough for this big success,” said Vila visibly moved.

He seemed very emotional in the ring after the match and his eyes were full of happy tears. This win obviously meant a lot to this young fighter.

“I cried in the ring because I could not believe this happened. I was overcome by emotions because ever since I began to train I dreamed that I would become the champion of some organization. The first short-term goal has been achieved, but my main goal is to become the UFC champion and I believe I will succeed.”

It was interesting to hear Ahmed’s thoughts about his career, especially in the FFC where he suddenly became a big star. This win will certainly make it big in his country, known for big support for its athletes.

“My plan in the FCC is to come down to my natural category which is 66 kilos and win the belt, but I would love to defend this belt too. However, I think that Ivica Trušček is the real champion of this organization. He KO’ed Viktor Halmi and I love him very much because he is a legend and a great fighter. It would be an honor to fight him,” Vila added at the end, greeting his parents, girlfriend and manager.