"Braveheart" Blažičević made it to the end of the match with broken fist, nose, cheekbone…(FOTO)

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FFC 13 that took place in Zadar and with which Final Fight Championship concluded the first part of the season, has brought a number of top matches both in the MMA, as well as in the kickboxing part of the event. Some brilliant matches unfortunately resulted in a large number of injuries in the ring, and thus doctors and cutmen had their hands full this time.

The match between Matija Blažičević and Darko Banović in the MMA part of the event was especially bloody. Matija made a great start, but broke his fist when he punched Banović in the head. And then everything went downhill. Darko soon used his opponent’s injury in his advantage and dominated the match for then on.  Matija ended with a broken nose, broken cheek bone and numerous stitches on his face. However, this brave member of the Black Dragon Alliance team showed incredible courage and withstood until the very end – all 15 minutes. Banović deserved the victory, but Matija proved to be a real warrior.

The scope of his injuries became clear only the morning after. He fist will need a surgery and he will have to recover for a longer period of time. He made a statement on his FB page and addressed his followers…
“Dear all, here is a message from old me. I suffered a defeat by judges’ decision. The first round went according to plan, my rhythm was good. But in the same round I broke my right, dominant fist. And I carried on. But then it all went downhill since I was losing strength. If you ask me why I did not quit, I tell you, in the ring you can stop me only with a tank!”, explained Matija Blažević.

Unfortunately, courage might have consequences as well…

“I suffered a lot of damage and I would like to congratulate my opponent on the victory which he deserved. I would also like to thank my team, Black Dragon Alliance, Krešimir Merčep and Fedor Kulušić for the time they invested in my preparations, Croatian Combat Academy who let me use their space for my preparations, my colleagues, my parents and my girlfriend who have to stand all that. I would also like to thank Marko Petrak and FFC who gave me this opportunity. Now I will have to go through a minor surgery to fix the injury and I hope to see you guys by the end of the year”, concluded Blažević after his first defeat in the FFC.