FFC 7 Weigh Ins: Poturak and Munoz Pushing and Shoving!

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Photo by Fight Site

All the FFC 7 fighters met the weight for the upcoming spectacle that is to take place this Friday in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The only fighter who did not manage to show up because of the flight schedule was Dionysios Papadopoulos.

The weigh-ins were extremely interesting and fiery. Some three hundred media representatives and fans gathered at the Hotel Holiday Inn and impatiently waited for Bosnia's biggest fighting sports stars Dževad Poturak and Tomislav Spahović. It was already intense when Laszlo Senyei and Dawid Defort stepped out, but the real fireworks erupted between the headliners of the kickboxing part of the event – Dževad Poturak and Frank Munoz. Classical staredowns turned into pushing, but a couple of moments later, the two athletes shook hands and greeted each other cordially which was followed by a big applause.

Poturak weighed 100 kg and showed he is in great shape, while his opponent had two kilos less.
Tomo "The Beast" Spahović weighed 93,2 kg. His opponent from Bulgaria, Kamen Georgiev, had 93 kg.

As we found out, the fans are waiting in queue to by the tickets for the event and they might be sold out by the time the event starts. Sarajevo is to witness an epic spectacle!

FFC 7: Poturak vs. Munoz
13.3. Skenderija, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina)


Dževad Poturak, 100kg (BiH) vs. Frank Munoz, 98kg (SPA), HW
Elmir Mehić, 104kg (BiH) vs. Tomislav Čikotić, 104kg (CRO), HW
Igor Emkić, 85kg (BiH) vs. Nikita Chub, 84kg (UKR), -85kg
Boban Krušić, 84,2kg (MNE) vs. Denis Marjanović, 85,2kg (BiH), -85kg
Antonio Plazibat, 94,5kg(CRO) vs. Bojan Džepina, 92,5kg (SER), -95kg
Dženan Poturak, 91,1kg (BiH) vs. Strahinja Denić, 91,5kg (SER), -91kg


Tomislav Spahović,93,2kg (BiH) vs. Kamen Georgiev, 93kg (BUL), -93kg
Laszlo Senyei, 77,4 kg (HUN) vs. Dawid Defort, 77,4kg (GER), -77kg
Marko Burušić, 66,1 kg (CRO) vs. Adam Borics, 66,5kg (HUN), -66kg
Ivan Skoko, 77,5kg (BiH) vs. Vladimir Prodanović, 77kg (SER), -77kg
Darko Stošić, 103kg (SER) vs. Archontis Taxiarchis, TBA (GRE), HW
Vladislav Genov, 75kg (BUL) vs. Gergo Munczeberg (HUN), 76,1 kg, -77kg