Georgiev: I do not fear the Bosnan ’Beast’!

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Photo by Milan Krušič (Fight Madness - Fight Site)

Kamen Gerogiev already won many fans in Sarajevo since he was the only one who gathered courage to step into the ring with Sarajevo's Tomisav „The Beast“ Spahović claiming he does not fear the Bosnian fighter. In an exclusive interview for Fight Channel he announced the match and said he knows how to deal with fighters such as Spahović.

When asked why he accepted the match against such a hard opponent in such a short period od time Georgiev said:

"I took this fight in last moment because I fought in Japan two weeks ago and I am conditionally prepared for one more match. I didn't need special preparations or training camp for Spahović since I continued training right after the match in Japan.“

His match in Japan did not go that well and it ruined Georgiev's ten wins streak. This was his motivation…

"I am angry with myself since I failed to meet my own expectations in that match. I came here to make up for it and to score a new victory.“

He also believes he has a couple of advantages in comparison to Spahović:

"I am a more complete fighter and I also have more experience. I know how to deal with fighters such a Spahović and I do not fear him.“

However, he did not want to predict the outcome.

"I don't want to deal with predictions, but it is clear I am here to win. I will leave my heart in the ring. I do not fear Tomislav Spahović at all“, claims Kamen.

In the end he revealed why he does MMA.

"It is my life. I am a professional fighter and that is the way I've chosen.“

Spahović and Georgiev are to headline the MMA part of the FFC event that is to take place Friday, March 13 at Sarajevos' Skenderija Hall.