Hrvoje Sep: “Everything in FFC was perfect and I’m sorry my opponent did not show more courage”

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Hrvoje Sep

“It felt fantastic to be in the ring again after an eight month break. I enjoyed every moment of my pro debut. Now I’m sure I’m on good way and that I have bright future,” said Croatia’s fresh pro boxer Hrvoje Sep after his win at FFC 29 this Saturday in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Sep opened the match aggressively from the very first second. After only 40 seconds he cornered his opponent with a powerful right hook. It seemed Petrović needed only a short break, but he could not get up again.

“I’m sorry my opponent did not show more courage. I know he did not have enough time to get ready, but I’m sure he could have made it a round or two. But despite the fact that my fight was very short, I hope my fans are happy,” said Sep on his opponent Milan Petrović who stepped up on last notice to replace Siniša Kondić who sustained an injury and was not able to fight.

“Everything in Ljubljana was perfect, the organization was on top level. I will be glad to continue to cooperate with Orsat Zovko and FFC, but I will leave everything else to my coach and manager Leonard Pijetraj,” concluded Sep.

Sep is to have a new match this June in France but he also plans to fight in the US and Australia by the end of the year. Considering his previous experience with some 70 amateur matches and 30 WBS bouts, Hrvoje could soon start to fight in eight-round fights.