Jacoby: Glory 14 is the starting point

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Dustin Jacoby

Dustin Jacoby is to make his middleweight debut in the four-man Glory Middleweight Contender that is to be held on Saturday, March 8, in the Zagreb Arena. He made his way into Glory via an incredible performance in the inaugural “Road to Glory” tournament. His amazing talent was revealed at the eight-man-one-night “Road to Glory” tournament. He came in as a late notice replacement and then knocked three opponents out.

However, right now he is among the four chosen fighters who will fight at the Contender Tournament and try to win the chance to fight for the title.

In the semi-finals, Jacoby will face Alex Pereira from Brazil, a kickboxer and professional boxer with a string of excellent results. Pereira is famous for his knockouts and presents a big challenge for Jacoby.
"I am ready to go toe to toe with him. He is a former boxer with good hands and I like a challenge, I want to test my hands against him. He is long and he has some power on the end of those punches, so I have to be on guard," says Jacoby prior to the match.”

“But he has to remember that I am firing back at him as well and that I’m bringing a lot of firepower as well. It’s going to be a good fight. Probably won’t go the distance."

If he wins, he will meet the winner of the other semi-final fight; Jason Wilnis vs. Sahak Paraparyan.
"Those two are both good guys and both are solid fighters. I don’t have any particular focus on either of them because I am really just thinking about my first fight and wherever the cards fall after that, so be it. The final fight will be one of will and determination, the best man will win and at the end of the day, I will be the last man standing. That’s the goal and that is the task at hand.”

Just as it is with other fighters, he does not lack motivation.

"And the extra motivation on my mind is that the winner of this tournament gets a shot at guys like Artem Levin and Joe Schilling, with the world title on the line. GLORY 14 is the starting point of that journey."

Jacoby has spent the last six weeks in the Netherlands preparing for the challenge with Dutch kickboxers.

"Training is going great, there’s a lot of good guys over here and we are training really hard twice a day. In the morning we have all of the top professionals, so lots of guys who are signed to GLORY or at that level. You could sell tickets to the sparring at this gym, seriously”, said Jacoby ready for the match at the Zagreb Arena.