Paul Daley: Miran deserves the name „Slovenian Rocky“

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FFC12 took place Friday at Tivoli hall in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dion Staring defeated Slovenian fighter Tomaž Simonič in the MMA part of the event already in the first round. After a couple of excellent ground'n'pound strikes as well as soccer kicks, the Dutch fighter ended the match on the mat. When it comes to the headlining match of the KB part of the event, Paul Daley defeated „The Slovenian Rocky“ Miran Fabjan by KO.

The two fighters met at the press conference before the event and exchanged some heavy words heating up the atmosphere at the weigh-ins even more. After the event the sat together at the press conference table in a friendly manner

FFC President Orsat Zovko opened the press conference: I must start with one detail you do not know. Miran Fabjan is very ill. He sent us his CAT scan and diagnose. 99% of the fighters would cancel the fight and go to surgery immediately. He said to me: 'Please, Paul is one of the best fighters in the world. Please, don't cancel the fight. I will fight on my own responsibility.' One weel before the fight Miran found out that he is seriously ill and has to take serious surgery immediately. Miran said to me he wanted to fight Paul because he is one of the best fighters in the world. Honestly, I'm speechless. I think Paul will agree with me that Miran deserves the name „Slovenian Rocky“.

Paul continued: Miran is very tough guy. He definitely deserves the name of „Slovenian Rocky“. Miran is on my facebook. Sometimes I'm liking his comments, sometimes he's liking mine. I did not know the situation with his physical well-being. I didn't know… Some of the crowd reacted badly to my celebration but told them it's showbusiness. I wanted to give something back to the people. They paid money to see enertainment and I wanted to do something different. So I apologise for that. Miran is tactically very smart, the front kick was very effective, he was keeping me away… It was very good fight. He stuck to his word.  He's one of the hardest fighters I had in recent times. He's stronger than I expected.

Miran thus concluded: I was 100% in this fight. This condition I have on my leg did not affect one day of my training. I was 110% in this fight. Paul Daley won because he is a better fighter than Miran Fabjan. End of story.


Official results:


Dion Starring def. Tomaž Simonič – submission (americana), 1st round, 2:55
Viktor Halmi def. Primož Vrbinc – TKO, 2nd round, 2:00
Bor Bratovž def. Giorgi Ivanov – submission 1st round (1:45)
Ivica Trušćek def. Michael Pfunder – submission, 1st round (3:21)
Antun Račić def. Zoltan Turi – submission, 1st round (4:45)
Luka Jelčić def. Krasimir Georgiev – KO (ground n' pound), 1st round (2:20)



Paul Daley def. Miran Fabjan – KO, 2nd round
Teo Mikelić def. Mirko Vorkapić – TKO, 1st round
Denis Chorchyp def. Darian Paladin – unanimous decision
Samo Petje def. Kevin Hesseling – KO, 1st round
Elmir Mehić def. Rok Štrucl – KO, 2nd round
Mladen Kujundžić def. Dženan Poturak – KO , 1st round