Philipp Schranz ahead of his FFC 23 match: ‘Brum will experience something he never experienced before’

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Final Fight Championship 23 is just around the corner. The FFC spectacle in Athens hinted a very interesting season that will continue with its second event this year in Austria’s capital. FFC 23 in Vienna will be headlined by Philipp Schranz and England’s featherweight James Brum in the MMA part of the evening.

Despite the fact that his score on Sherdog is 15-7, Philipp revealed that he actually scored 21 wins and suffered nine losses in his professional career. The best Austrian featherweight fighter never failed to deliver a great match and he is always followed by the whole army of his faithful fans.

“Gladiator” has been fighting professionally for 12 years now. He is now 36 year old and he set his mind on going forward. He is aware of the fact that the FFC ring could be a good chance to prove himself since this Croatian promotion is to start with the events on the American soil this year as well. Philipp told us he would love to fight in the USA.

After defeating Lemmy Krušič in his FFC debut in Vienna in 2014, Schranz is now to face James Brum from England who has impressive score of 17 wins and 3 losses.

‘James seems like an all-round fighter, but I see some holes in his game. Also, his last opponents have scores 0-5 and 0-11. I don’t know if this is a try to pad his record or they simply can’t find him better opponents. James fought in bantamweight and I fought in welterweight, so my power and hard punches is something he never felt before in a fight. But like I said, he is good in standup and on the ground. He seems to be fit every time he’s coming to a fight. To be honest, I don’t see his most dangerous weapon. He is an all-rounder and I am well prepared for everything he’s got for me. I don’t see something that my earlier opponents didn’t have. So nothing new for me. My biggest advantage will be my power and my hard punches.’

What about your preps? What segment of the fight did you worked the most on ahead of your match with Brum?

‘My preparations for my next fight are really good. I have no injuries coming to the fight. I train two or three times a day. I try always to be very fit for my fights to finish it quickly and impressively. I always have the same training schedule because I don’t really train specifically for my opponent. I know how I have to train to be ready for whoever is put in front of me.’

This will be your second FFC match. You successfully debuted in 2014 against Lemmy Krušič. You haven’t had a fight since that event. Why did you have such a long break?

‘After I beat Lemmy I had a little surgery and I needed to recover for about 8-10 months. But now everything is good and I am more than ready.’

What are your impressions of the FFC and are you intrigued with the events they’re making in the US?

‘FFC is a great promotion that put on some good shows. Of course I want to fight in the US and make good fights over there.’

You have a lot of fans in Austria. How come they follow you in such big numbers?

‘Yes, I am lucky to have a lot of friends and fans here in Austria I have good friends from the world of football. I am a big fan of SK Rapid and have a good relationship with them. They will come to support me again and we will have a nice night.’

How would you like to finish this match?

‘I always go for the knockout in every fight. I don’t care if it’s standing up or on the ground. That you can see on my record.’

Who is the most dangerous fighter in the FFC featherweight division in your opinion?

‘The most dangerous fighter in my weight class is Darko Banović. He is my training partner and a good friend. So we won’t fight each other. I know him and I know how he trains. This little guy is a real warrior!’

What do you do when you’re not in the ring?

‘Outside of the ring I am a pretty normal guy. I love animals and i love to travel. I always train even if I am injured. My girlfriend, sport, animals and health is all I need to be a happy man.’

Message for your opponent?

‘All I can say to James is that I have nothing personal against him, but on Friday it’s all business and I am gonna kick his ass!’

Schranz and Brum are to fight March 18 at Multiversum Schwechat. Watch their match, as well as the rest of the FFC 23 event on

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