This is the man who stopped FFC 19 from taking place!

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Bulgarian fighting sports fans were shocked and disappointed by the fact that the Bulgarian MMA Federation prohibited FFC 19 Sofia that was to take place this Friday, May 29. The event was supposed to be the biggest fighting sports spectacle Bulgaria has ever seen and attracted a lot of interest both from public and the media that impatiently waited for the matches of Bulgaria's biggest fighters and the arrival of such as big promotion as FFC.

There were also numerous reactions on social networks where many criticized the Bulgarian MMA Federation President and former UFC fighter Sranislav Nedkov who initiated the prohibition of the event only one week before it was to be held.

Bulgarian MMA gym Pitbulls MMA whose fighters were to fight at the event wrote on its Facebook profile:

"We would like to thank BFMMA President Mr. Sanislav Nedkov who closed the door to one of the strongest MMA promotions and who destroyed the effort of Bulgarian fighters who were to fight at the event and represent Bulgaria as well as other fighters from 11 different countries whose matches would be seen all around the world.“

MMA fighter who was to fight Hungary's Adam Polgar also wrote a disappointed comment on his Facebook profile.

"The Federation's role is promotion of this sport and events related to it. Its role is not to prohibit the events and deprive the athletes from doing what they do, and that is fight. All the hours spent on training, blood, tears, swear and losing weight are now tossed to the wind. Stanislav Nedkov, you were a fighter, you should know what it's like.”

Disappointed MMA fans also left their comments:

“I'm sorry for fighters who put a tremendous amount of effort in preps, I'm sorry for the coaches who put a lot of effort and time into training their fighters and I'm sorry for the organizers who also did their best. At least our guys will now fight abroad when such big promotions are not welcomed here.”

“Nedkov is an unrealized fighter. That is the real truth. We congratulate him on his wins but in the end we saw how it really is. It is sad he claims he was the best Bulgarian fighter and tries to explain to us how things are done abroad. What is it like abroad? Do you live in the USA? Behold the big righteous preacher who tries to explain to Bulgarians that they should abide laws, write applications… While he takes money for BJJ black belts. That guy is a joke.”

Fighting sports fans were unanimous in their condemnation of Stanislav Nedkov's decision and their negative comments soon provoked a reaction. Nedkov also wrote his official statement on his Facebook profile. In an unclear message to the public he stated that “the only sport events that are allowed to take place in Bulgaria and those supported by the Federation and that the only ones who can organize them are those who abide the Bulgarian laws.” He also commented that there were only four Bulgarian fighters on the FFC 19 fight card.

“There are MMA rules and laws and only a few abide them. The only sport events allowed to take place in Bulgaria are those supported by the Federation. All others will be legally prosecuted. They prevented the event from taking place in Bulgaria because out of 28 fighters there were only 4 Bulgarians,“ wrote Nedkov.

It is really hard to understand the reasons why the event was not allowed to take place since they seem made up later and quite unrealistic. The first reason, if it existed, was easy to solve. As Fight Site finds out, the FFC and their partners were constantly in touch with Nedkov and his Federation and they tried to cooperate and acquire all the necessary permits.

Moreover, Nedkov and the MMA Federation members confirmed they would appear at FFC 19 as guests of honors. Even in the case the FFC made a procedural mistake, as Nedkov claims, there was enough time to acquire proper permissions for the event to take place. Of course, if there was a will and if the reasons were not somewhat different than the aforementioned.

Furthermore, those who followed the changes in the fight cards know that, besides the four fighters who were on the fight card, two had to cancel their matches in the last minute. Pavel Georgiev broke his arm while Branko Bobacev also had to cancel his appearance due to an injury. The organizers planned to fill their spots with Bulgarian fighters and the whole event was headlined by Vladislav Kanchev from Bulgaria. It is very clear that this argument also holds no ground. At the last FFC in Slovenia there were only four Slovenian fighters.

Fight Site found out that the FFC delegation headed by FFC President Orsat Zovko is also to fly to Bulgaria this Tuesday to hold a press conference and explain why their event was cancelled only one week prior to the date it was to be held. More details coming soon…