Wilnis: ‘This might be Keclik’s farewell match, but I’m not going to cut him some slack!’

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Keclik vs. Wilnis

FFC organization can be very satisfied because its kickboxing part of event in Linz will he headlined by one of the best strikers in the world when it comes to -85 category – Jason Wilins. The Dutch kickboxer already fought at the FFC. At the event in Zadar he won via KO against Zoran Majkić already at the end of the first round. Meanwhile he became famous fighting for the elite Glory promotion where he currently occupies third place on the ranking lists.

At FFC-19 his opponent will be local hero in his last professional match – the experienced kickboxer David Keclik.

However, many things have changed since Wilnis last fought for the FFC and he is aware of that. In an interview with Fight Site, Wilnis announced his upcoming match against the dangerous Austrian fighter.

"Yes, many things changed. The people now know me and they know who I am. That's mostly thanks to Glory where I had some good matches. However, I had some losses too. I still have to work a lot and I have a lot to prove. I want to become even a bigger name.”

Do you remember you last FFC match against Zoran Majkić?

"Of course I remember. FFC is a great organization, and I remember the fans and people in Croatia. I cannot wait to fight for one of my favorite my organizations again. I hope that people will like the match in Linz and I hope that they are similar to Croats as audience. That would be good for the sport. "

How much do you know about David Keclik?

“I don't know too much about him, but I watched his matches and I studied him. He is a good fighter and I must not underestimate him.”

This will be his farewell match. Does that fact change anything?

“Not for me. For me it does not mean anything. This might be his last match, I respect him, but for me, he is just another opponent. My job is to finish the match via KO and I will not be gentle on him only because this will be his farewell match.“

Wilnis is known for his explosive right punch which is also basis for his game plan.

“My game plan is to fight like I usually fight. My style. I will try to impose my tempo. I can't have him attack too much. In the end, my goal is to knock him out.”

You are soon to headline Glory's event in Denver against Joe Schilling.

“After Linz I will concentrate on Schilling and Glory. That match will be a real war, but I cannot think about it right now. Keclik comes first.”

Your forecast? Will we see your 'right punch straight from hell' again?

“Of course, it will be fireworks. I believe this is going to be an excellent match and you will enjoy it,” concluded Wilnis.