Anthony Johnson: I’m still far from the challenger title

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 28.04.2014 11:13h Author:

Anthony Johnson & Joe Rogan

Anthony Johnson returned to the UFC in an impressive manner. During all three rounds he dominated over Phil Davis who hoped to win the challenger title. However, Johnson does not believe this victory secured him this title and he believes he still has a lot to do before winning this privilege.

One could notice already at the weigh-ins that Anthony Johnson looks great and his performance continued to go in that manned in the cage where he completely destroyed the amazing wrestler who had only one defeat in his career so far. Davis never even managed to take him down.

„I did not feel any pressure. My only goal was to step into the ring and have fun“, Rumble tried to explain his victory. Johnson also confirmed he finally realized that the light heavyweight category is the one he should fight in and he does not plan to fight in the middle or welter weight category anymore.

After such a convincing victory the media asked Johnson whether it was possible to attack the UFC belt which is every fighter's wish. However, Rumble is humble and he believes he still has a lot to do: „I do not believe I managed to enter the challenger circle by this victory. I respect Jones a lot and I want to fight him some day because he's a real champion. But I still have a lot to do. This victory is big, but I do not believe I became a serious candidate. I will take fight by fight and then we'll see where it gets me. “

Anyhow, Johnson will be seen as a real threat to the belt holder after this victory. But his attitude is excellent and if he continues to think that way he might get a chance to attack the title as many predicted when he entered the UFC cage for the first time.