Cerrone: Cormier fought ‘like a f*g’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 11.07.2016 15:10h Author:

Donald Cerrone (Instagram)

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone made UFC officials angry with a homophobic statement now that UFC got its first gay champion, Amanda Nunes.

At a Q&A during the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, “Cowboy” said Daniel Cormier fought “like a f*g” against Anderson Silva at UFC 200 on Saturday night. It was a reference to Cormier’s conservative, wrestling-heavy strategy.

The conversation took a sharp turn when Cerrone changed the subject to the worst fight. Here’s their back-and-forth on Daniel Cormier’s win over Anderson Silva.

Cerrone: “What about the worst fight?”

CM Punk: “The worst fight?”

Cerrone: “Your boy, DC. Terrible!”

CM Punk: “What?”

Cerrone: “Terrible. How are you going to give up weight and then fight like a f*g, man?”

A couple of hours later Cerrone issued an apology.

“Earlier today, I said something that was offensive & I’m truly sorry,” Cerrone wrote on Instagram. “I’ve got so many friends and fans in the LGBTQ community who I let down today. I can and will be better because I respect the community and equality matters!”