Cerrone has a message for you in case you don’t plan to watch his match with Lawler

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Robbie Lawler & Donald Cerrone

Robbie Lawler and Donald Cerrone are to step into the Octagon against each other at UFC 213. If you plan to skip this PPV, “Cowboy” has a little message for you.

“I’m fucking pumped,” Cerrone said. “It’s going to be exciting, you know? I don’t even know why they need me to keep selling this fight, it’s already, if you’re not a fucking MMA fan and watching this fight, then fuck you.”

Both Lawler and Cerrone are known for their aggressive fighting styles. This is a recipe for a great fight and Cerrone knows it.

“I’m going to fight, fight one of the best brawlers in the standup, fucking throw down and put on a show,. This fight’s for me. This is what I love, there’s no place I’d rather be than in that motherfucker. And then throwing down with one of the greatest? C’mon. I’m loving it, every minute of it.”

Lawler is coming off a championship fight loss to Tyron Woodley and is currently ranked the #3 contender in the division.

“Some people are like born, and their sole purpose is they love the belt, that’s their mission in life,” he said. “Me? I enjoy having fun and doing what I love. Fighting is just something I do, man, it’s not who I am. It doesn’t complete me. So the end of the day if I get the belt, fucking great. If I don’t, I had such a good run and I love it. There’s literally no place I’d rather be July 8 then in the fucking ring throwing down. I love it. It’s my passion. So for me, it’s the highest pinnacle of my life, It’s my passion, doing what I love every f*cking day. People are like, Cowboy, you should probably quit drinking, you should probably quit partying. I’m like no, f*ck you all, I’m doing it my way. This is what I want to do.”