Chris Weidman is ‘really happy’ he lost to Luke Rockhold at UFC 194

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 12.01.2016 10:57h Author:

At UFC 194 Chris Weidman lost his middleweight division title. Luke Rockhold defeated him in the fourth round, and one month after this loss, Weidman finally spoke out about he felt at that time.

“At first, I had some amazing wins in my career. The moments were surreal. You imagine winning so many times and when it happens, it’s just a surreal feeling. The way I felt after the loss was by far the most surreal feeling. It felt like a bad dream and I just wanted to go back to sleep to make it not happen again. It felt like a bad dream. Emotionally and mentally now, I feel like I am in a way better place than I’ve been. I’m more motivated for the future. Being champ for a while and being undefeated, and having the big fights early in my career, with Silva, Machida, Vitor…and Luke was big, too, but it wasn’t the biggest fight of my career. The motivation was there for me to train hard, but, I felt like I was just going through the motions and it just felt like another fight that I had to win. The true excitement when I’m walking through the cage, and while we’re touching gloves, it just wasn’t there. It wasn’t the biggest fight of my career when you compare to my other fights. But, it should have been. I can play back a million different thing I could’ve done differently, but I am really happy I lost. If I would’ve won that fight, If I would have figured out a way to beat him, I wouldn’t have the chance I have now to grow as a fighter and reach my potential. Now I feel like I have the freedom to change things I’ve wanted to change for years, but you don’t because you don’t want to fix things that are not broken. Now I feel more free to change things and do things I wanted to do without feeling like I am cursing myself, I am excited about the future. This is going to create a whole different monster inside of me.”