Davis worried about Brazilian judges at UFC 179!

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 19.08.2014 13:13h Author:

Phil Davis

September 25 Phil Davis is to fight at UFC 179 and his opponent will be Glover Texeira. The event will be held in Rio de Janeiro, while Davis revealed he is worried about Brazilian judges.

Davis lost his last match to Anthony Johnson and he already fought in Rio de Janeiro a couple of times.

"I think it's a great match up," Davis said. "He's obviously Brazilian, the fans seem really like me down in Brazil after I'm done fighting. So you know, it should work out well. Another trip down to Brazil, another chance to have an awesome performance down there. The fans down there are absolutely fanatical about MMA so I'm just excited about the match up, the venue, the fight, (being in the) co-main, everything. Should be a great opportunity to put myself back in the title hunt."

However, he is also worried about judges.

"Do I worry about the judges? Absolutely I worry about the judges. Is it gonna be a fair fight? No it's not going to be a fair fight. Do I expect it to be, you know uneven? Absolutely."