Dustin Poirier on Justin Gaethje: ‘It’s not a sustainable fighting style’

UFCHIGHLIGHTED 12.04.2018 09:44h Author:

Dustin Poirier (Photo: Facebook)

Dustin Poirier is to fight with Gaethje this Saturday at UFC on FOX 29 main event and he believes his opponent is setting himself up for an early retirement if he doesn’t add some strategy to his game.

“It’s not (a sustainable style), and I said that when he was with World Series of Fighting,” Poirier said in a recent interview with MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti. “I’m good friends with (ATT coach) Mike Brown, who’s also an MMA mastermind. He understands fighting and understands styles and matchup, and I’ve told him that before, that this guy is going to have to switch his fighting style or he’s going to have a short career. He’s going to have a bunch of fun paydays and a bunch of memorable fights, but it’s not going to last. Once it starts going downhill, it’s going to go down fast for him, fighting like that. Of course he’s going to catch guys here and there, win some bonuses, and like I said, have some great fights that people are going to remember. And it seems like that’s what he’s fighting for. He loves that, and that’s awesome.”

“But I want to be a world champion, man,” he continued. “And I want that to be a byproduct of me fighting at my best. I’m not going out there looking to see who’s willing to lose more blood, because I’ll die out there. I know I would, but I don’t want that. I want to go in there and have smooth fight and show my skill.”

“I’m a complete fighter and I’m not scared, I’m very willing to use every part of the game to get the win by any means necessary,” Poirier said. And I’m going to outclass him everywhere. I’m going to make him look like an amateur out there.”