Ex-coach on Paige VanZant: ’People will eventually realize you have no morals, honesty, or loyalty’

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Paige VanZant

Only 20 years old and with only one match under her belt, UFC's Paige VanZant very quickly attracked media and MMA fans attention.

Except her excellent MMA skills, it does not hurt she is pretty as well. However, her former coach from Reno Academy of Combat is pretty disappointed with her behavior.

Check out what he had to say via his Facebook post.

"I'm writing this to everyone who knows of Ms Paige Vanzant and our gym which is the Reno Academy of Combat. I would have never written anything like this but I was totally shocked and so were several others when we read her interview in a MMA magazine. I was shocked, hurt and truthfully very irritated that Paige didn't mention that she actually started her MMA career at our gym. Her parents actually brought her to us because she was very unhappy where she had been training for less than a year. Her parents stated that Paige was ignored at her old gym and no one would train with her. When she came to our gym she didn't have many skills and wanted to receive better training. That gym closed soon after that anyway. As you heard in her own words Paige VanZant started training at the Reno Academy of Combat when she was 16. We (Reno Academy of Combat) got her first under 18 MMA fight of which she won, her first amateur MMA fight which she won and her first pro fight of which she won. She won every fight she fought when she was with us. Paige then left and moved to Vegas only to lose that fight. Then she moved to Sacramento to train with Alpha Male but eventually moved back to Reno as she was (in her own words) ignored there also and didn't get along with Urijah Faber and said all the girls were rude and sucked at MMA. After an apology and a long talk we let her train at our gym again. We cornered and trained her for her UFC debut of which she received fight of the night and a huge following due to her skills that she learned from us. Paige Vanzant was on the Reno Academy of Combat fight team each fight, representing Reno Academy of Combat, with Reno Academy of Combat in her corner every fight but one (the one she lost). Look up any image, video and her UFC post win with fight of the night interview. Who is on her shirt, banner, in her corner etc? Reno Academy of Combat and/or Blood Happens Fight Wear. Her UFC debut walk out shirt was a signature Paige VanZant shirt on sale on BloodHappens.com that she still gets proceeds from. Reno Academy of Combat supported her from the very beginning of her career and helped get her where she is today. Anyway, not to go on and on but it's very sad that some people have no loyalty, honesty or morals! I know one thing is my wife, I and all our gym members / fight team helped her and put up with all her fit throwing for years. I can sleep good at night knowing that we all did the very best for her and were there for her even when she wasn't. Good luck Paige, people will find out the real you eventually. Hope you can sleep at night!"