Frank Mir: “Stipe Miočić fight would make me nervous for Jon Jones”

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Frank Mir believes Jon Jones, the best MMA fighter of all time, would be able to make a pretty strong transition to heavyweight division.

“The only fight immediately that would make me nervous for Jon would be Stipe,” Mir told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

“I think any other heavyweight I can see [Jones] beating,” Mir said. “Stipe is a hard one. And I think Alistair, too, might be a hard one.”

“I think he’s a dangerous fighter and I would never, ever put him out,” Mir said of Jones. “His upper body is definitely in that world, that realm that he could compete at heavyweight, but it’s his lower body. Heavyweights are still big and pushing around and carrying that weight. I don’t know.”

“Could he do it?” Mir said. “Would I put it past Jon? No. Not at all. I’ve trained with him. I know how good he is. He’s not giving up reach and distance. It would just be that horsepower. Could he eliminate it through his technical wrestling and his angles? He very well may could.”

“Stipe is a phenomenal champ as far as like he’s a good guy, if you want to point your kids in the right direction, ‘Hey, look at this guy, he’s a good person,’” Mir said. “Family guy, down to Earth, still works a regular job as a firefighter. He’s an asset to the community. But as far as a blockbuster [in] ticket sales, he’s no Conor McGregor. Stipe still, he doesn’t break into that realm of ticket sales and pay-per-view buys that some other heavyweights in the past have that are not as talented as he is. He has everything except for he’s just not that marketing machine that some other people have been.”

“I think it’s gonna be an interesting fight, because obviously Jones is a much better mixed martial artist, but the one area that we’ve never Jon fight at is off his back,” Mir said. “And I have to assume that Brock is good enough of a wrestler. Obviously in his heyday he was a national champion, but now the guy is 40 years old he doesn’t wrestle the way he did back 10 years ago. Can he put Jon on his back, and if he does, can he capitalize on it?

“So it’s interesting. So I think there is an interest to it. It’s not a blowout. There’s something on paper where I sit there and go, ‘Oh sh*t, Brock you have no chance.’ Well, he could put him on his back, possibly. Run a double on him. If anybody could, I’d have to think maybe Brock could. And then would put Jon in an area that we really haven’t seen Jon fight from.”

“Even Jon is not rushing to fight Stipe,” Mir said. “You could hear when Jon called out Brock, stylistically that fight makes sense for Jon if he moves up to heavyweight. But when you say ‘fight Stipe,’ he’s like, ‘ehh.’ There’s a reason why. [Miocic is] a really good big guy.”