Luke Rockhold’s coach angry Chris Weidman fight wasn’t stopped in third round at UFC 194

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Last weekend Luke Rockhold defeated Chris Weidman and became new middleweight division champ. However, Rockhold’s coach believes the damage and too big and he is angry with the system that does not allow coaches to throw in the towel.

Rockhold never gave that position back, advancing into mount then unleashing a hellacious salvo of punches and elbows which left Weidman barely able to answer the bell. Rockhold finished his battered foe one round later, seizing the UFC middleweight strap with a stunningly decisive upset win.

“That was a colossal mistake,” Rockhold’s head coach at AKA, Javier Mendez, said of Weidman’s failed wheel kick on Monday’s The MMA Hour. “Because we didn’t know what was going to happen when someone was on top of Chris, or if Luke could stay on top of him. Luke proved what he said all along, that he felt he had the best MMA jiu-jitsu out there for top control, and he proved it.”

“Well, let’s put it this way, I was cussing,” Mendez said. “I was cussing. I was literally, just, f-ing pissed. And I’m not really blaming Herb, per se. I’m blaming the way the system is. It needs to be like boxing where we as corners don’t have to go to the doctor to stop the damn fight, where we just stand up in the cage or whatever and we throw the towel and the fight is over. It should be a simplified rule, just like boxing.

“Who knows the fighters better than the coaches, as far as what the fights can do and what they can’t do? Who knows them better? We do. Not the doctor, not the refs. We do. If we see our fighter and we know he’s going to take a beating, we should be able to throw the damn towel and without any interruptions from the doctor or anybody. And we shouldn’t be reprimanded from it.”

“It shouldn’t be looked down upon,” Mendez said. “If that’s the official rule, then it should be that, ‘hey, you guys, we encourage you. Know your fighters. Don’t let your fighters take the punishment.’ In this case, I bet you Ray Longo and Matt Serra were thinking, ‘f**k, I want to throw in the towel.’ I bet you they were. I bet you they weren’t thinking, ‘come on, Chris, pull out of it.’ I bet you they were thinking, ‘what the f**k is going on?!’

“They care so much about their guys and they’re such great coaches, I know they were thinking the same thing. There should be a clear understanding of how we need to stop these fights, because Chris didn’t need to take that unnecessary punishment. He did not. And I dare anybody to disagree with me.”