Mousasi: For me the goal is to win and win impressively and then maybe I can get a title shot

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Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi and Jacare Souza will do their second match this Friday. Mousasi explained what it was like to fight Jacare with whom he became good friends in the meanwhile and what he thinks this match could bring.

Mousasi, who is to fight jacare Souza this Friday, tried to remember the situation in which they both mentioned a match against one another.

"I think (Jacare) asked me before the fight.  He's in the top 10, I'm in the top 10, you can't really say no. The matchmaking is up to Joe Silva and the UFC and I'm going to accept the fights that they give me.  It's a good fight for me. It's going to get me closer to a title shot", said Mousasi who already defeated Jacare after which they remained on good terms and even trained together occasionally since “Dreamcatcher” does not have his own team.

He always had the best opinion about his opponent: "He was tough, he was explosive.  He doesn't have the best takedowns, but he is so committed to the takedown and his jiu-jitsu is so good of course so he's really dangerous. I didn't feel weak, I know I have a lot of advantages in this fight.  I have no worries," Mousasi said.
Last time they fought in September 2008 in Japan. Mousasi won by a spectacular upkick he landed on Souza trying to get in full mount. However, he believes this will be a totally different fight: "It's a completely different fight.  The last one was too short so you can't really say anything about that fight. The only thing I felt was his strength and there's wasn't a lot that I could take out from that fight. It's difficult to run out there against Jacare and just demolish him," Mousasi said.  "You have to be smart against him, but of course when a guy comes to fight, that's when I can do more. It depends on 'Jacare,' how offensive he'll be in the fight, if he comes to fight."

Of course, Mousasi’s plan is to become a UFC champion. It would be his third big title after Dream and Strikeforce. However, he is aware of the fact that Jacare will be a tough opponent and that this is a category with many excellent fighters and champion candidates. He knows how much this match could mean to him and he is ready to seize the opportunity.

"It's not for nothing that he's the No. 4 guy. It's no mistake, but he does have some weaknesses," Mousasi said. "For me the goal is to win and win impressively and then maybe I can get a title shot.  If I win and it's not as convincing, I'll probably have to fight someone else.  The middleweight division is one of the toughest in the UFC, so it's tough to get there."