White; If Askren keeps winning, he can get a shot over here

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Ben Askren

Askren finally became a member of ONE Fighting Championship and already became its champion after his second match. Dana White also stated his opinion about Askren:

„UFC accepts only the best fighters and some of them win the titles. But in the end, it's all business and in business you cooperate with people who cooperate with you and who are happy. I can only say Ben Askren is one of them“, said White.

However, after UFC 177 White was pretty open about Askren joining the UFC.

"Yeah, if he keeps winning, he can get a shot over here."

However, White does not hide the fact he does not like Askren too much.

"If Tito Ortiz can come back to the UFC, anyone can, because there's nobody I hated more than Tito and Tito came back."

Ben Askren made an ironic answer:

„Thank you, master. Could I please get a chance? “

Askren has so far been undefeated with 14 wins in his career.